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Uwaterloo Agreement

We are sorry, but UW students are not entitled to professional accounts under the current agreement of the site. However, students can continue to register individually with www.overleaf.com/signup for Overleaf`s free or paid accounts. Students who log into individual accounts should use their email addresses edu.uwaterloo.ca so that we can track the interests of our students. This may allow us to expand our location agreement in the future. For help or suggestion for the UW thesis model, please create a query system ticket at rt.uwaterloo.ca/SelfService/. Eligible Waterloo graduates, teachers and employees must apply for their free professional account on Overleaf by logging in (or sign up) below. You need to check an email address uwaterloo.ca to get your free business account. The University of Waterloo has a location agreement with Overleaf to provide fully equipped professional overleaf accounts, which are free for all faculties, staff and PhD students. Welcome to the quick guide to Overleaf.

We`ve gathered useful resources and links in the following sections, and if you have any questions on how to get started, please let us know and we`ll be happy to help! You can also send your paper directly to a number of magazines and other editorial and evaluation services via the publisher`s publishing menu. Just open the publishing menu from any document and follow the „Year… Connect. If you`re not yet in hand, we`ve set up a free online course to help you learn the basics. If you`ve never used LaTeX, or if it`s been a while and want a reminder, this is the place to start. Through our partnerships within the publishing community, we offer a selection of scientific journal templates for articles and work. These models automatically format your manuscripts in the style necessary for transmission to this journal. Overleaf v2 offers an impressive collection of new and enhanced features for collaboration, and your institutional subscription allows all users to access the powerful lane-change feature. We`ve put together a short page of help How Do I use Overleaf to give you directions on what 🙂 Please use our contact form and we will make sure your question reaches the right person on our team. You can find a selection of models presented or check out our complete model gallery for more ideas and inspirations. If you want to immerse yourself directly in the editor, simply click the button to create a new paper with our fast start model.

A short tutorial will guide you through the main functions to start the quick one-on-ones. Overleaf offers an intuitive and user-friendly manuscript editor (our Rich Text mode), which is especially useful if you or your co-authors are not familiar with writing in LaTeX. Automatic compilation helps users who are new to LaTeX quickly and easily find bugs in their syntax and encourages them to fix them as they create clean, error-free documents. Overleaf was designed to make writing, editing and creating searches and reports much faster, simpler and more comfortable for both individual authors and collaborative documents. Overleaf Professional accounts offer real-time track changes, unlimited employees and complete document history. Documents can be edited from anywhere via a browser without installing LaTeX on your devices.